Light Diffusion PO Film

Product Info:

(1)The technique of 5+1 PO film adopts advanced Japanese technique. The Anti-fogging and Anti-dripping Effect will be permanent.
(2)Excellent total transmission(direct light + diffused)in PAR necessary for the plants growth, which permits high performances even in cloudy days or when the Sun light is not strong.
(3)High thermal effect that limits the drop in temperature during the night or in poor sunlight conditions.
(4)Preservation of the mechanical propertiesof elasticity, tear resistance, tensile strength and resistance to perforation during the film life span.
(5)Life Span: 2 Years Warranty, and can reach to 5 years if needed.。

  • Thickness: 0.08-0.15 mm
  • Width: 1-18 m
  • Color: Light blue, White

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