Attention to use agriculture greenhouse films

1)The user should buckle the greenhouse film timely, should be careful and prevent sunburn,damaged by rats,moist, and the time for storing should be less than 12 months.

2)Several layers co-extrusion films have two sides, different layer has different effecton anti-dripping&anti-fogging, thermal insulationand anti-aging. so the user should pay attention to buckle the films according to the hint printed on the films.

3)The user should do his best to avoid close shed with high temperature, becauseunder this situation, the accessory ingredient which have anti-dripping &anti-fogging effects will separate out quickly than normal time(especially for EVA films),close shed with high temperature easily cause the phenomenon of blooming(films become white),have a bad effect on the transmission、anti-dripping and anti-fogging.

4)The effect of anti-dripping and anti-fogging have several difference in different ways of using. For example, it depends on how moist it is, whether using the mulch and the different install ways,so you’d better keep a proper humidity for the greenhouse.

5)To get a perfect anti-dripping ,The userr should buckle the films smoothly, not over-stretch, avoid draping and cracking which is man-made ,pay attention to the gradient, normally, should not be less than 25 degrees, for fear that have a bad effect on dripping.

6)Sulfur fumigation is much harmful to the films, it will decrease films life-span.In this case, you’d better not do the fumigation.

7)The using of pesticides will decrease the effect of anti-dripping and the films’ life span, soit is better to reduce the usage of pesticides.

8)The weather’s changing has a big effect on crop’s growing ,the grower should take other corresponding prevent measure when the climate become worse.