After-sale service

  Our company, Dongda Plastic, consistently , insist on the idea of”taking customers as the center” ,take attention to our customers’ need and experience, and build a service brand name” feel free all the way’, at the same time, we offer a service slogan ”service all the way, carefree all the time” .We supply the services which are “all the time,all-round,all the way” and” normalized,familial,individualized, professional”。Under the “unified service concept,unified service image,unified service flow,unified service training ”, Our customers will truly feel carefree for the service,the consulting, the love and the honest.

  The meaning of “feel carefree all the way” is not only the traditional after-sales service, but also integrating our concept into everyaspects of our company management activities,like the R&D,Manufacture, sales service and so on ,customer will be the center on every aspects, we will pursue our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty at the utmost.

  Handle all kinds of complaints: we will listen to your heart sincerely, accept and help our customers to solve all of the problems.

Perfect after-sales service system

Thoughtful and responsible service team